*when dealing with cutting teeny-tiny images from biggie images


Cutter Pro is a FREE software for easy cutting chunks from a series of big images. Useful when you have animation rendered as a whole (to have everything in correct perspective), and you want to have different portions of render as separate animation sequences.
Software was used to create the game which was never released (yet), and... well, the list ends here. But hey, help expanding it!



As a fresh start, load all the images (animation sequence), by using the "Cutter table > Organize Images" dialog. After you imported your images, and confirmed by clicking OK, you should be able to view the first frame of imported images in the main view.
To move image in main view, hold down middle-mouse-button and move the mouse. To zoom in and out, use the mouse wheel.
Now you can define the cutters (marking portions of images to be cut off). You can define as many cutters as you wish.
Every cutter can be named, the name will be used to generate output files. You can specify the output format for each individual cutter.
Filename pattern is as following by default:
where <name> is the name of te cutter, %%%% is the frame number, extension will be automatically added based on format chosen.
When everything ready, you can save your cuttertable so you can use it later. To export the cutters (cut the marked areas of the animation) just hit GO and select the output folder. After a couple of seconds, you should have your images saved to their specified locations. Cheers!


No install needed, just run it. Should work on Windows XP, Vista, 7, and might work on newer Windows...

By downloading the software you agree that the developer is not responsible in any ways for the possible damages and losses, either financial or non-financial, loss of data, directly or indirectly caused or not caused by downloading and using (or not using) this software.
Software is provided AS IS, for free, to you. Use it at own risk.